The forest can be a scary place. Especially a forest that is dark and looming. But I loved it. I owned a house right next to one. In fact, my property line ends right where the forest begins. Every morning I’d sit out on my porch and smoke my cigarette while drinking my coffee just listening to the forest critters chat. It was peaceful.

Later that evening after dinner I was watching TV. I heard twigs breaking outside, like something big was walking through the forest. It was late, and the moon was full and it lit up the woods. To this day I’ll never know what my curiosity got the best of me. But it did. I grabbed my cigarettes, and I walked outside to have a smoke. It was cold. My breath was thick against the bitterness of winter. I light up and take a drag. Out in the distance I notice two glowing red eyes. I squint my eyes to see what it is. Brushing it off as a cat I take another drag.

The eyes blink and I hear a growl. I squint​ my eyes again cursing myself for leaving my glasses in the house. I hear twigs break. And then it stops dead in its tracks.

 Frozen like a deer in headlights I didn’t know what to do; I grabbed the biggest rock I could find and threw it at the beast hitting it right in its jaw then I turned and ran back inside but the creature slams his body against the door and claws at my flesh. I let out a blood curdling scream as the creature bites into my shoulder. I kick the knee out from underneath it and slam my door, bleeding everywhere. My door is solid oak so I know it can’t get it in. The beast clawed at my front door. Then, sensing day break it urinated on my door, as if it was marking its territory, letting any other animal out there know this house was his, then ran back into the woods. Letting out this ground shaking howl at the moon. I tend to my wounds. I’m lucky to be alive.

I am writing this for who ever may find it first. Tonight is the first full moon since the incident. And I can sense a change is about to happen.


Death is the greatest adventure.

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