Depression is genetic. My mother was and still is a fucking mess. So what happened with genes? They get passed down. And now I’ve been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety, blah blah, you name it I’ve got it. Prozac helps. A lot of Prozac. Hopelessness is by far the worst feeling ever. To feel that surge of hopelessness stops me dead in my tracks. Then it’s gone, as quickly as it came. And this happens daily. How do you live like that? How does one live with the feeling that there is no hope in this life? And you’re left feeling saddness moreso than any other emotion. Not to mention the lack of energy that comes with it. Unrest. Social isolation.

A lot of people do not understand depression. They don’t care to come to understand it even when someone close to them s suffering.

Don’t dwell on your past.

Why don’t you just get over it.

So and so has had it real rough but they got over it.

These are all to typical responses. Well, how bout go fuck yourself. DEPRESSION is not some DEMON stiring his fingers around in my head you ignorant prick.

Yeah, that happened. I cannot stand living like this and I do everything I can to live. But it’s genetic. There is no cure only compassion and understanding.

Millions of us suffer every day. Millions of us find no hope and commit suicide. This world is darkness. Please be that light for someone who lives in that darkness.

Trust me, it makes a world of difference.


Death is the greatest adventure.

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