Below is a question a caller had asked one of the hosts to the Atheist Experience. Atheism always gets a bad rap and those who continually refuse to even try and understand what the definition of atheism means.

Trust me when I say that I have come across and debated highly unintelligent humans. Unintelligent is being nice, which after the many conversations and debates I’ve had with the religious, I use a different vernacular. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING STUPID. If you refuse to take the time and learn what something is before shooting off your mouth yes, YOU’RE FUCKING STUPID. But I digress… Read on.

My understanding about atheism is you claim that because there is (supposedly) no evidence for God existing that this equates to there being evidence for God NOT existing (please correct me if I am wrong about this).


of, but not exactly.

The default position for any positive claim lacking evidence is usually disbelief. “Disbelief” doesn’t mean “proof against,” and it doesn’t mean “dogmatic certainty” — it just means, to put it simply, that you generally don’t believe in stuff without having reasons in favor of it.

To give you a small example: Suppose I told you “You know, I died last week, but I rose from the dead on the following morning, so here I am replying to your email.” Would you believe me or not?

I think it’s safe to say that you would ask me whether I have evidence or not. My failure to provide any wouldn’t constitute proof that it didn’t happen, but it wouldn’t look good for me. Don’t you agree?

Or suppose I tried to sell you a car which, by all appearances, seemed to be a twenty year old lemon, but I said “This car has a secret switch which can make it FLY. And I’m selling it to you for the incredibly reasonable price of $10,000.” That’s actually a great price for a flying car… but I’m sure you wouldn’t buy it without evidence.

Many Christians or any religion for that matter, are notorious for picking and choosing what fits as it suits their belief system to “prove gods existence.” But not a single one has EVER produced a single iota of evidence proving his existence. Yet they constantly argue and argue, deny and deny the OVERWHELMING evidence that has been checked and double checked as well as peer review after peer review that demonstrates evolution, both biological and cosmic. We are so close to proving how life actually began in Earth. And it wasn’t from any god.

I vehemently stand against religion or any belief system that harms and dumbs down our children. As a species we should be far beyond this. But we aren’t. And that’s unacceptable.

Religion is poison.


Death is the greatest adventure.

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