During his State Of The Union address to the country Trump touches on the opioid crisis by blaming the Mexicans and claiming only a wall would fix it. His number one fan, Ann Coulter tweets this during his speech,

“Good he’s talking about opioid crisis — 100% of heroin/fentanyl epidemic is because we don’t have a WALL.”

-Ann Coulter

Stupid is as stupid does. A fucking wall isn’t going to help the crisis we are in. What would help, Trump doesn’t even mention. Better mental health insurance. Taking mental health somewhat serious. Don’t try and fucking cut government assisted health insurance because that’s exactly the way I was able to get clean off my heroin addiction. Obama at least showed her cared by allowing those on government assisted insurance treatment for their addiction and Trump as soon as he gets in office wants to undo everything Obama put forth to help those in need. The age of Trump needs to come to an end. Our country has fallen apart in one year.

Trump’s speech was a hateful assault as host Jeremy Cahil of my favorite podcast The Intercepted breaks it down. They’re had been no better time to call for an impeachment to get the racist fraud out of the oval office.


Death is the greatest adventure.

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